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Date: 16th May 2016
Inverter IGBT MIG TIG MMA 3 In 1 Welder
Features: 1.MIG TIG MMA 3 function in 1. 2.Easy to understand operator intertace . Select material type ,Website:, set wire diameter then start welding . ? 3.Digital control system , real-time digplay the welding parameters ; digital voltmeter and amp meters for easy viewing .? 4.Stick with adjustable Arc force ; Wave form control ; stable welding arc .? 5.Lift TIG with solenoid valve and adiustable down slope tlrne .? 6.Thermal overtoad , over voltage and over current protection automatically shuts down the power source to prevent high repair cost .,Synergic control of the welding current and voltage .? 7.5kg spool size makes machine light and pertable . ,? 8.Flux cored self-shielded .